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Each time a tattoo is performed, the client should receive written and oral aftercare instructions from their artist.

Dial Soap and Lubriderm can be purchased as a set for $7

Day 1

  1. -wash hands

  2. -remove bandage

  3. -wash tattoo area with warm water and antibacterial soap

  4. -do not re-cover the tattoo.

  5. -let the tattoo air dry; do not apply ointment or lotion

  6. -wear loose, clean clothes to bed and be sure your sheets are clean.

Week 1

  1. - wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap at least 3 times per day

  2. -normally, little to no lotion is necessary during the first week.

Week 2

  1. -wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap at least 3 times per day

  2. -you may apply a small amount of lotion to the tattoo AFTER it has been washed.

  3. -for lotion, we recommend unscented Lubriderm.

Other important information:

  • -NO swimming for 2 weeks after getting tattooed. NO baths for 2 weeks. Showering is fine.

  • -DONT pick at your tattoo. DONT let anyone touch your healing tattoo.

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before washing your tattoo.

  • -DONT expose your tattoo to excessive heat, sun, or artificial tanning for 8 weeks.

  • -ALWAYS review aftercare products for allergies.

  • Infection happens most often when bacteria gets into the healing tattoo after removing the original bandage. Avoid exposure to dirt, dust, and pets. Wash your tattoo immediately if you suspect it has been exposed to bacteria.

  • -FREE TOUCHUPS are offered no earlier than 2 weeks after the tattoo, and no later than 90 days. 

If you are concerned about the healing of your tattoo, please call or come back into the studio. If it is suspected that there is an allergic or adverse reaction, or that your tattoo is infected, it is recommended that you consult a health care practicioner immediately.

Use the following aftercare instructions only if you have purchased SANIDERM:

Your tattoo artist will apply your first piece of Saniderm. This can stay on for 12-24 hours.

After 12-24 hours, wash your hands and remove the first bandage. Some people prefer to do this in the shower.

Wash the tattoo with clean water and antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a clean paper towel.

Do NOT apply any lotion or ointment. 

Remove the white backing of the Saniderm and press on to your tattoo. leave enough around the edges so that none of the tattoo is exposed, and try not to have any large bubbles. a few small bubbles are ok. 

Remove the plastic backing, revealing the Saniderm below. Smooth out gently with your hand and you are good to go!

Remove second piece of Saniderm after 5-7 days.  Again, some prefer to do this in the shower.

Your tattoo should be healed or mostly healed. Wash the tattoo and moisturize with unscented lotion.


You may always return to the shop to have your Saniderm removed and re-applied. Ask your artist what time is best. 

Some pooling of plasma may occur beneathe the Saniderm. this is normal. You may need to re-apply if your Saniderm breaks or leaks. 

Your Saniderm bandage is waterproof, but not sun-proof! Your healing tattoo should not be exposed to too much sunlight.